How to learn to Code?

After I start sharing my programming journey as a freelance web developer on Instagram and Facebook, lots of people asked me,

"Hey Kausik, I want to learn coding, where do I get started? What to do first? What programming language to learn?"

And many more questions like this.

So I decided to write an article to solve all of your problems and give you a clear idea of, What to do? How to do? and Where to do?


So you want to learn coding, you want to become an expert programmer, right ?

But wait!

Do you really want to learn coding?

Think about it again!

We humans are copycat! Often, we try to copy successful people.
Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire, he coded facebook, Bill Gates is also a billionaire, he invented windows operating system. so if we want to be successful like them, we have to learn to code.

We think if we do the same we will be successful,

We are not only copying those big people, if our friends are learning any new skills, we also tend to do the same, because we feared to get out of the race.

Lots of people get into coding just because they motivated by others, they spent lots of time and money into that and hoping, they will become a programmer. But after some time they feel discouraged and eventually give up on coding.

So don’t be like them. Every people is different, everyone has their own capability.

Before you go any step further, take some time, look inside of your heart.

what do you like to do?

What do you really love and enjoy to do that don't need any motivation or encouragement?

Find your true Passion.

And then if you find, that programming is your thing, then go ahead and crush it, I am here to guide you.


Programming is a broad thing, there are lots of technologies and programming languages out there. Lots of new technologies are launching almost every single day, So obviously there are many paths to go.
In this article I am going to tell you about Web Stack which I think is the most versatile field out there. You have lots of opportunity and so much things to do as a Web Developer.

So let's start the journey to become a Web Developer

Start from the basics, learn HTML and CSS first, these are the markup and styling language of the web. All of the websites that you see are build using these two markup language (but not limited to). Go to to learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

When you finished learning HTML & CSS, try to build some simple websites or some fun projects using your newly acquired knowledge. you can also check out for some project inspiration.

Nextup is a logical step of javaScript. JavaScript is often called the programming language of the web, It's the only programming language that natively supported by all browsers. As a Web Developer it is the must have skill to have. So again go to and learn the basics of javascript.

Now you may ask that why do I mentioned and told you to learn from there? because it is one of the most reliable and trusted resources out there where you can learn these basic skills for free.

I think that the basic education should always be free for everyone.

that's why I mentioned this. but obviously you can learn from other resources also, lots of good resources are available on the internet, learn from there wherever you feel comfortable.


So now you have HTML, CSS and JavaScript, let's make them together, make something new, add javascript logics on your HTML website, build some more new projects applying your newly acquired javascript skills.

Remeber as you practice more, you will become more proficient. Don't just learn new things, apply your new skills and try to build something. It's the only way to become an expert.

Now you have all the basics skill, try to learn about Node.js from freecodecamp, Node is the runtime for javascript, with the help of node you can do backend development, so try to learn it.

when you're done with node, it's time to grab a framework on your bucket, Right now, the three most popular frameworks are Angular.js, React.js and Vue.js, you have to first choose between these three of them, again all of these are very capable. but you have to choose one to learn first.

Personally I prefer React.js, because I have a reason for that, I will tell you later in this article.
if you choose react, you can also find the free course on freecodecamp, take that.


now you are just one step away from your target, last thing you have to learn is Express.js, it's also a framework that helps you to build a full featured web application by the help of node. so learn express. and now you're done.

If you're succesfully learn and practice all of these things, and build some projects with them, then,

Congratulation, you have done it! now you are a Web Developer.

Now if you want you can also broaden your boundary. Before I said that, Web Stack is a versatile field, Now it is the time to show your versatality.

If you want to go to Mobile App development, Learn React Native which is actually the react framework that you learned before, but it's for mobile apps, and this is the reason that I prefer to learn React. With React Native you can make cross platform Android and iOS applications with one codebase.

Now if you want to build Desktop apps for Windows and MacOS, go learn Electron.js and you got it, you can build cross platfrom desktop application with it.

Now you may also want to build VR apps, learn ReactVR, and start building VR apps.

So now you know, how much versatile it is. All of these can be done just from your web dev skills.

The Possibilities are Endless.

So keep learning, have fun!


Happy Coding! 👋

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Written by Kausik Das
Last updated on 09-07-2018